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AWESOME!! StephenChristensen 5/17/2011
"Simply put, Katerina is an AWESOME tutor!  It was a pleasure to learn from Katerina for the past five months in preparation for my move to Prague.  I definitely appreciated Katerina's teaching style, largely due to her being a great person with tons of teaching experience.  Katerina has an in-depth understanding of how a native english speaker approaches learning a slavic language, which is terribly important in my opinion.  Learning Czech is obviously not the same as learning a latin based language, but there are similarities and Katerina uses them strategically to benefit her student when teaching.  We used a workbook that is very practical for Czech beginners and easy to work from independently.  She is also a patient teacher, and quite willing to work with your schedule and learning habits.  Lastly, she was always willing to answer specific questions about cultural differences or practical scenarios that are good to know for life in the Czech Republic.  I would be lucky to find a tutor as great as Katerina during my time in Prague."

Excellent, scribbler812, 11 Jul 06
I was initially hesitant to get lessons from a tutor, but I finally decided it was the best option before moving to Prague. Trying to learn the language myself was not effective. And had I known how useful and FUN these lessons would be, I would've started much sooner. I only took about 16 lessons with Katerina, but learned enough to handle myself in common situations. I have only been in Prague for a week now, and I already feel more comfortable getting around with the basic language I have. Katerina is an excellent tutor. The books she uses are comprehensive and user-friendly. You have to do work on your own to make the most out of lesson time, but Katerina will move at your pace and go over whatever you need to understand the language and concepts. She knows what she is talking about and is able to get meaning across in many different ways, using several different methods. I learned a lot in a short period of time, and thoroughly enjoyed going in to my lesson every week. I am just sorry I can't keep taking lessons with her here in Prague! I highly recommend taking lessons from her if you are trying to learn Czech, on any time table!

Excellent teacher, Brunoz, 5 Jun 06
Dont let her married name fool you: Katerina Lu is an excellent teacher of the Czech language, culture and history. You get the whole package. I am writing this endorsement from Prague, where I have moved to teach English, and have been able to completely assimilate because of my newly realized ability to speak, understand and write in Czech. Plus, the more I learn about teaching English as a Foreign Language, the more I realize how effective Katerina Lu is as a teacher.


The best language teacher., BrendaBrody, 3 Dec 05
I received lessons from Katerina Muller 6 months before my birthday celebration to Prague, on a weekly basis. Before meeting with her, I had foolishly spent hundreds of dollars on Czech cassettes, books, and CDs which did not help me! Either the material was too advanced, poorly explained and/or presented, convoluted, or difficult to follow; thus, I struck gold when I found Katerina on an internet search. Her lessons and materials are exceptionally well prepared and easy to follow. Her personal teaching style is clear, meticulous, engaging and absolutely useful. I have taken many languages as a young student and as a professional, and she far surpassed any of them and exceeded my expectations. Besides being exceptionally well prepared and able to simply convey the lessons to me, she added useful advice and anecdotes for my trip. Had I not had lessons with her, my trip would have been memorable but not for the right reasons. I was able to find my way around, order at a restaurant, find hotels and make small talk in Czech successfully. This is no small feat considering the difficulty of the language. When I was not understood, I could at least understand what was being said. My lessons unequivacally enriched my experience. Thank you Katerina!



Vyborna!, tuneguy, 20 Dec 04
Katerina is an excellent teacher. She is by far the most professional and organzied Czech tutor I have had in my 3 years of study. I would recommend without reservation to anyone interested in learning this very difficult language.


A fun and effective instructor. Highly recommended., eddie923, 18 Dec 04
Katerina is bright and outgoing, intelligent and personable. Her sessions are always interesting--never boring--and they are the perfect combination of conversation, instruction and exercise. During the past several months as her student, I feel that my Czech skills have improved exponentially. Her teaching materials are also exceptional. I've used four or five different books, and Czech Step By Step is the best by far.


Katerina is a fabulous teacher!, kristianne, 15 Dec 04
Katerina's teaching of the Czech language is superb. She excels at teaching both the conversational and grammatical components of the Czech language. Katerina brings the language and country to life with her recollections of growing up in Prague, making the lessons memorable and fun. I highly recommend Katerina for beginning through advanced lessons in the Czech language.

Kristi Anne
New York, NY

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